That One Time I Jumped out of a Perfectly Good Airplane…

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Skydiving; An activity where one jumps out of a perfectly good plane with a parachute on their back and falls thousands of feet before opening their chute. Some call it crazy, others call it the adrenaline rush of their lives! It was exactly that, Mike and I went skydiving for his birthday back in February.


I had ALWAYS wanted to do this, but the night before, I was seriously freaking out. The whole morning I couldn’t eat and I had that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach like something bad was going to happen, (Oh yea I was about to jump out of an airplane!) Mike was psyched! We rolled up to the orientation spot on the beach and met with the instructors  of Cabo Skydive. They gave us a briefing and had us sign our lives away…literally!

After that, we got in a car with the pilot and two instructors and headed to the airport.  They were all cracking jokes about how we might die and how crazy we are for wanting to jump 10,000 feet.  Meanwhile, I’m just sitting in the middle seat silently repeating to myself, “mind over matter, if you die at least you will have gone out doing something you have always wanted to do”…(you know? trying to psych myself up and all!)

We get to the airport, they strap us into all of our gear and we head for the plane.  Another quick briefing on our exit strategy and we are into the air.  This plane is small, sketchy, and the door was closed by a little hook…totally safe. I decided to jump out first so I wouldn’t chicken out so I got to sit next to the captain. I have this stranger attached to my back and mike and the other guy behind us. The plane ride was amazing, getting to see Cabo, MX at such a different perspective was really cool.




Alright, so we are at an altitude of 10,000 ft now…my time has come.  My guy opens the plane door and the next thing I know I have done a full 360 in the air and am plummeting to my death. Haha I’m kidding, It was freaking incredible. That feeling of weightlessness, I felt like I was flying and I had the biggest grin on my face the entire time. I think we free fell for about 40 seconds before he pulled the chute and man that was fun, you fly back up into the air for a couple of seconds and get that feeling like your stomach is in your throat. But then you just start floating around, and the view…oh that view was beautiful. You land on the beach so the entire jump is over the Sea of Cortez. Floating in a parachute has got to be one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had. I was just taking every second in, seeing boats drive around, and people playing in the ocean. We landed at the beach drop zone and Mike greeted me with a huge high five and a kiss and that experience was probably one of the most cherished moments I will ever have!







Seriously, if you have ever talked about skydiving but you are scared, just do it! You will not regret it, and if you get the chance to jump in Cabo, take it because it was amazing!Check it out here!

Price per person: $$$


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  1. This looks amazing! I imagine it’s one of those things that if you try it once, you want to do again and again… But what I really want to know is, who was taking the photos? 😉

    1. Yes it really is, if it wasnt so expensive I would probably do it all the time! And my instructor had a go pro on a selfie stick and held it the whole time! I have a video too, thinking about uploading it on here!!

  2. Went skydiving when I was in college and loved it! Would have loved to do it over the ocean. I bet that was amazing. Scariest part was signing that paper that basically reads “I know that what I’m doing is incredibly dangerous and that I could die. If I die, my family won’t sue you.” 🙂

  3. Ahhh!! Those pictures alone made me scared! I’ve never actually seen pictures from that angle though so it’s pretty awesome to basically see the view from your eyes. I think I’d be way too terrified to ever jump out of a perfectly good plane haha. Good for you though, I loved reading about your experience!

  4. Oh my god you are so brave! I have always wanted to do this, but I am such a wimp and now I have this bone condition which means I break a bit too easy. But your pictures are amazing. It looks like you loved every minute of it. I am inspired! Maybe I should give it a go one day…

  5. Lord what absolutely amazing photos, I so envy you the courage to jump out of a plane. I have enough trouble on a ferris wheel the heights make me so nauseous. Well done!!!

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