Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

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We have partnered with BajakiniAmeriflight, and our pilot friend Kyle to create a gofundme page to raise $60,000 to aid in the relief of Hurricane Irma. As most of you know, Hurricane Irma is heading straight for Florida but unfortunately it has already wrecked the US long before this devastation will occur. The US Virgin Islands of St Thomas and St John, as well as the British Virgin Islands, St Maarten and Barbuda have been greatly affected. Hurricane Irma has destroyed these islands leaving many people without food or shelter.

My company Bajakini and my friend Kyle felt we needed to do something. We are both based out of Puerto Rico, where we were also hit by Hurricane Irma but fortunately were left with minimal damage here. Our sister islands were not so lucky. Bajakini is a Caribbean based swimwear company who draws many inspiration from the islands that have  been hit hardest. Please join us in our efforts to raise money to send Ameriflight Planes full of essential supplies over in aiding relief to all who were affected. Here is the link to our Go Fund Me page, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to our efforts. Continue to follow the page for the latest updates.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart


Nicole Papageorge

Sharing is caring!

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