A Week in Huntington Beach, CA

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Mike and I visited Huntington Beach, California a few weeks back to visit some friends and family.  A whole day of travel, and a nine-hour flight and we were in beautiful California! We had a whole array of must do’s and must see’s while stateside, so there was no down time to be had. We were on a mission to enjoy the finer things in life that us islanders can sometimes be deprived of.

First on the list, the Huntington Beach farmers market that happens the second Thursday of every month, right off main street.  I wouldn’t necessarily say this was on our to do list, but farmers markets are my weakness and we just happened to stumble upon this particular one. Fruit stand after fruit stand, fresh home-made humus, organic local honey, live music, and much much more. Needless to say we bought a ton of stuff we couldn’t take back with us, so I probably ate my weight in fresh fruit throughout the week (no complaints here).


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After walking around the farmers market, we went to Shabu Shabu where we indulged in some seriously delicious food. It was my first time there, and if you haven’t been you need to change that immediately. They bring out a tray of raw meats and veggies and there is a hot-pot in front of you, and you just put your meat and veggies in the water and cook as you go. Afterwards is my favorite part, they turn the water and whatever is left over of your meat and vegetables into a soup.


Another day there, we met up with mike’s parents for his moms birthday and had dinner at this Hawaiian diner Dukes, which is right off of Huntington beach pier. That night we continued the celebration at an  Angels game. I hadn’t been to a baseball game in a long time, the smell of hotdogs and popcorn, and an ice-cold beer, there’s really nothing better than that, it was a blast!

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We shopped til we dropped a couple of days, we had to stock up while we had a vast variety of different brands. (On the island there’s really not many places to shop.) If you are in the Huntington Beach area, I would recommend the brand new mall Pacific City. It is super luxurious and they have a great food selection.  We went to Simmzys one day and got the street corn and ahi tuna, and they make a damn good Moscow mule (I highly recommend).

If you're in the Huntington Beach area, you have to check out @pacific_city! It's a brand new outdoor mall, and it's absolutely beautiful! After I shopped I had to drop into #simmzys for a delicious Moscow Mule.

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Street corn!

Some other things on our must do list was IN-N-OUT (obviously), pho, chik fil a, and I think that’s it.We finished the week partying at the brand new nightclub TIME in triangle square, and the last few days we went to Sundown music festival, but that’s a whole blog post on its own, so stay tuned for it! As you can see, food was the main topic on our list of things to do stateside. Don’t get me wrong, I love living on an island, but I miss the endless selection you statesiders have!

Until next time!

Wanderlust Brunette

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